Inspirational Entertainment

Will's outstanding achievements both on and off the field have made him an ideal speaker choice for a wide range of corporate clients. His intelligence and easy delivery style mixed in with a generous helping of humour make him a sure fire hit as a keynote, host or after dinner speaker.





The audience crowd loved it. You could have heard a pin drop. It was an amazing speech. Thank you so much Will.

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank, London

Will Greenwood was engaged as a speaker at a recent strategy conference we had and he delivered an excellent motivational message to our management team. He was a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Clydesdale Bank
Clydesdale Bank,

It went brilliantly, I was so pleased and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Will to anyone.

ABFA Awards
ABFA Awards,

Will, once again, thanks for an excellent talk last night. It went down an absolute storm.


The event was a great success and we have received excellent feedback from our attendees. We could not have achieved our objectives without your considered time, knowledge and input both before and during the event.


Your presentation was everything that we hoped it would be – fantastic feedback immediately. Very many thanks and hopefully we can work together again soon.

Powerhouse Productions
Powerhouse Productions,

Will Greenwood was an excellent speaker and gave an insightful and entertaining perspective on teamwork and motivation. He tailored his presentation extremely well to relate to our values and people and showed what kind of strategies, beliefs and work is required to achieve excellence.


Please pass on my thanks to Will, he was superb and has probably spoilt us for anyone else!

BMI Healthcare
BMI Healthcare,

Having a fairly young company meant that we needed someone that the majority could relate too. Will’s relaxed and down to earth presentation style meant that even those without an interest in sport and rugby were able to relate to his speech. He had a way of telling light-hearted/humorous stories and tying them in to give key underlying messages around teamwork, building team spirit and achieving goals.

Tomorrow Communications
Tomorrow Communications,

I thought he was excellent and I invited him back next year on the spot!


Will was a terrific speaker, please pass on our heartfelt thanks.

Bishop Burton College
Bishop Burton College,

Will was great, as expected. He had quite a tough slot as the conference was over running and audience was very tired – but he kept the energy levels up and delivered a very funny and very smart speech.

Harvey Thorneycroft
Harvey Thorneycroft,

I have had so much positive feedback from all the DHL managers saying how much they enjoyed Will’s chat – one of the best they’d heard for a long time. Please pass on our deepest thanks ,it truly did make the evening.


Will had top billing at an after work networking event and did not disappoint. His energy and enthusiasm for Rugby and for the ‘Good to Great’ message was clear to see and the principles he highlighted easily translated into a work context. Will’s style was engaging, entertaining and a good time was had by all in attendance. We would certainly welcome him back.






Business & Sport

In the modern era of professional sport there are few that can draw on experience in both business and sport. Will’s career as a trader at HSBC prior to committing to professional rugby has given him an unusual insight in to themes that permeate both fields.

The perfect storm of leadership, discipline, motivation and teamwork that led England to World Cup victory in 2003 provides an inspirational demonstration of what it takes to achieve peak performance, for a sustained period of time. A complete change in mindset and behaviours opened the door to a performance gear change.

Combined with the lows of injury setbacks, personal tragedy and self doubt it provides a gripping insight in to the studied determination that is needed to achieve in any arena.

Now an established and respected media voice he has stared retirement in the face at the age of 34 and come out fighting, proving that change management can come in all guises.

Will’s outstanding career has furnished him with an endless supply of stories which can be adapted to entertain any audience, whether they follow rugby or not. Combined with his natural sense of humour and timing he has established himself as one of the most in demand speakers around.

Key Themes

  • Leadership (Vision, Environment, Removing Obstructions)
  • Trust/Teamship (Unity, Standards, Spirit, Culture)
  • Attitude/Confidence/Belief (Removing Luck)
  • Attention to Detail
  • Responsibility (TCUP – Think Correctly Under Pressure)
  • Managing Change
  • From Good to Great
  • Sustaining Peak Performance