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September 13th, 2011


I am a cynic.. I can’t help it, I am Northern!

Courtenay Lawes ban is a fascinating one.
I am not talking about the actual tackle just the perfect timing of the ban to be seen to be a punishment, yet without actually punishing someone.

If you were to ban an English player for foul play but didn’t want to derail a World Cup campaign then a ban missing Georgia and Romania but back for Scotland would be perfect.

This is not an argument about whether or not Courtenay Lawes should or should not be banned but when players are punished the punishment should not fit a timetable to suit a player or country.

For the record I don’t think it deserved a ban…

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4 Responses to “I am a cynic.. I can’t help it, I am Northern!”

  1. Mark says:

    Will, I can’t quite believe this got a ban. Some things don’t stack up. 3-12 week ban for this offence, yet he gets 2 for “good record and showing remorse”. Yet Lawes pleaded not guilty. Surely that is a clear sign of not showing remorse!

    Can you explain, because I can’t, why Courtney gets 2 weeks, yet Quade Cooper, who clearly in my eyes deliberately dropped his knee into Richie McCaw’s face a few weeks ago, got off scot-free?


  2. Ben says:

    I agree, although how do you think it should be done? Shifting the ban to include the Scotland and/or playoff games would be seen as unfair (not to mention patronising to the Georgian and Romanian teams) and a longer ban would be overly harsh. It’s a tricky situation.

  3. Neil says:

    My understanding a player who is cited is called to a hearing to show cause why he should not be treated as having been sent off for the alleged offence. Now whatever anyone may think of Lawes behaviour, he was never going to get sent off for it. Considering the odd high tackle that Bryce Lawrence dealt with without yellow cards that is the most that it would have warranted.

    A more cynical person than myself might suggest that the IRB were looking to cite a player from a high profile country in order to firmly stamp it’s authority on the competition.

  4. Simon says:

    In my eyes, it’s likely just the easiest way for everybody to dodge a decision. It’s very hard for anybody to complain about it, even though I don’t think it deserved a ban. Lawes won’t appeal because it’s not a serious enough punishment to warrant it, and the powers that be can claim to have dealt with the incident to anybody who thinks it merited dealing with.

    All things being right and proper, they would either ban him for a length of time commensurate with the offence or they would just admit that it wasn’t malicious/reckless and get on with it. One can never be too surprised, however, when people in a position of responsibility in a high profile organisation decide to shirk that responsibility..

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