Delivering Brand Values

With Will's high profile, social media following and respected standing in the world of rugby it is unsurprising he is much sought after with regards to sponsorship and ambassadorial deals. Relationships with brands such as Aviva, Canterbury and Land Rover have helped to successfully raise the profile of sponsors' values and products across a variety of media platforms, delivering outstanding coverage and results.

Will epitomises all that is good about the game of rugby and his synergy with Canterbury is uncanny.
As a popular and charismatic leader, he is true to the sport exuding enthusiasm,
motivation and experience at all levels. He is a great asset to have on the team,
working with us in a variety of capacities to enhance the global promotion of the brand.


Another blinding performance, superb. They loved you!!
I’ve never experienced such positive feedback about a guest speaker before,
from the entire audience, truly memorable.


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Contact Information

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[themeone_spacer height=”22px” class=””]Will is managed by Benchmark Talent. For speaking, media and commercial enquiries please contact Ben Pilbeam.[themeone_spacer height=”22px” class=””]

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Benchmark Talent
First Floor
Flitcroft House
114-116 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0JR


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+44 (0)20 7240 7700

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